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Main Stage


Tiny Porch Stage


Rebecca Stout and Brantley Kerns
(ASPS Flatfoot 101 workshop)
Hendricks Run (Square Dance)
Balkan Dance Party featuring Orkestar Pečurka  and special guest Nevenka

Plus:  Step Dance Contests and Workshops throughout the day.

Featuring the Music Box Micro Stage

Brother Billy and Jam

The TomiTom Sho 

Campbell Antrim 


Bar Jay Bar 

El Duelo 

Runson Willis 

Water Tower 

Harlan G.B. 

Paula Montondo 

Milo Gonzalez 

Instrument Petting Zoo Workshops

Fiddle & Friends: Children's Workshop with Molly White

ABC’s of Jugband Music with Morgan Cochneuer

Eucalyptus Grove Workshops 

The Songs of Hank Williams, Eucalyptus Grove (jamming area 5)

A Hank Williams tribute (sing along if you dare and we’re double dog daring you) with Cowboy Dave Volk and his Ruminators. A period correct band with fiddle and steel guitar, just as country music sounded in the 1940s.  Luke the Drifter may reappear. There was no automatic tuning then, so you have to stay on pitch! 


Nothing over 90 BPM - Jam on Bluegrass Classics at a relaxed pace. Eucalyptus Grove (jamming area 5)

 DJ Reed and his band will lead classic songs and fiddle tunes at a more relaxed pace. There will be a flip chart with chords. 

High and Lonesome Harmony with The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys (jamming Area 2, Friends of Crazy J Ranch)

The harmonies of Bluegrass Music have helped separate the genre from others since Bill Monroe stepped on the Grand Ole Opry stage. Through the generations, acts have adapted their own singing styles and harmony structures, such as The Osborne Brothers, The Stanley Brothers, Jimmy Martin and Flatt & Scruggs. Join The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys as they dive into different harmony stacks, phrasing and even sing some for you in the intimate setting.

J2 Workshop 

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