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Volunteer at the Topanga Banjo•Fiddle Contest

We’re Up and Running…

Welcome back to the Topanga Banjo•Fiddle Contest and Folk Festival!
We are back in the saddle this May, and need your help.  Volunteer today to become a part of Southern California's Favorite Traditional Music Festival.

Our volunteers are our most precious commodity; this event cannot happen without them.  We are thrilled to reunite with our volunteers after three long years, and looking forward to meeting some new faces.

Volunteers can work before, during, and after the Festival.  They can pick from a variety of jobs, including ticket sales, stage work, prize distribution, craft services, and many, many others.  Use our Volunteer Form to tell us about any applicable skills and to let us know how you’d like to help.  We try our absolute best to assign volunteer shifts (minimum two hours) that work best for you. We welcome your feedback and appreciate your flexibility in accepting your assignment!


•     OnlineCLICK HERE to fill out and submit our Volunteer form or fill out the form below.

•      Email - send us a message at



Kayli Neumark,

Volunteer Coordinator

Topanga Banjo•Fiddle Contest & Folk Festival




We are always on the lookout for enthusiasts who want to take their involvement a step further by becoming "Super Volunteers." If you are interested in working behind the scenes at the festival or during the months leading up to the Contest, please consider becoming part of our team! We often require assistance in the areas of graphic arts, trades (construction / electrician), organization, advertising / promotion / publicity, legal, vendor relations, and much more. Please don't hesitate to contact Kayli Neumark at to discuss how you might be able to become more involved in our organization.


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