2019 Contest Winners List

Congratulations to ALL of our fine Contestants!
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1.Mood Swing, Ventura

2.The Fiddlers of Troy, Santa Monica

3. Fog Holler, El Sobrante

Honorable Mention:
         Arizona Wildflowers, Casa Grande, AZ

Old Corn Lickers,  Los Angeles

Traditional Banjo - Advanced

1.Corey Husic, Pasadena

2.Jeffrey McLeod,

3.Laura Jue, Los Angeles

Traditional Banjo - Intermediate

1.Cathy Kerry, Santa Ana

2.Ian Purdum, Burbank

3.Ellyn King, Carlsbad

Traditional Banjo - Beginning

1.Fred Jasper, Los Angeles

2.Andrea Page, Santa Monica

3.John Whitman, Encino

Bluegrass Banjo - Advanced

1.Bob Hamilton, Palm Springs

2.Casey Holmberg, El Sobrante

3.Sean Conlon, San Pedro

Bluegrass Banjo - Intermediate

1.Chuck Young, Simi Valley​


Bluegrass Banjo - Beginning

1.Madison Dietrich, Casa Grande, AZ

2.Brie Dietrich, Casa Grande, AZ

3.Melanie Schutzius, El Sobrante

Fiddle - Advanced

1.Aaron Castilla, Granada Hills

2.Corey Husic, Pasadena

3.Madison Dietrich, Casa Grande, AZ

Honorable Mention:
    Joe Wack,  Los Angeles

Fiddle - Intermediate

1.Ranelle Dietrich, Casa Grande, AZ

2.Luisa Bryson, Los Angeles

3.Valerie Dumdum, Porter Ranch

Fiddle - Beginning

1.Henry Sullivan, Santa Monica

2.Aspen Dietrich, Casa Grande, AZ

3.Tennessee Sullivan, Santa Monica

Mandolin - Advanced

1.Nolan McFadden, Rancho Mirage

2.Gabriel Saron, Davis

3.Bob Hamilton, Palm Springs

Mandolin - Intermediate

1.Allegra Frost, Topanga

2.Sam Hargrave, Malibu

3.Mary Zangerle, Moorpark

Mandolin - Beginning

1.Ranelle Dietrich, Casa Grande, AZ

2.Matthew Wong, Arcadia


Flat-Picking Guitar - Advanced

1.Jonah Warschaw, Davis

2.Bob Hamilton, Palm Springs

3.Nick Harris, Longmont, CO


Flat-Picking Guitar - Intermediate

1.Sam Hargrave,  Malibu

2.Mark Humphrey, Santa Monica

3.John Drake, Longmont, CO


Finger-Style Guitar

1.Jordan Bush,

2.Jonah Warschaw, Davis

3.Bob Hamilton, Palm Springs    

Honorable Mention:
    Andrew Huebner,  Tujunga


Finger-Style Guitar - Intermediate

1.Derick Salguero, Hawthorne

2.Mark Humphrey,  Santa Monica

3.Christopher Shane, Los Angeles

Honorable Mention:
    David Clymer, Los Angeles


Other Instruments - Advanced

1.Ken Leiboff, San Jose

2.Eve Harrison, Los Angeles

3.Noa Laniakea, El Sobrante
[Bass Fiddle]

Other Instruments - Beginning

Gail Turner-Graham, Thousands Oaks
[Double Bass]

Singing - Finalists

1.Madison Fayre, Toluca Lake

2.Hayley Skorpen, Newburry Park

3.Anna Gyure, Seattle, WA

Honorable Mention:
    Arizona Wildflowers, Casa Grande, AZ

    Elle Lewis and the Atwater Ramblers Trio, Los Angeles


Best Backup Instrument

1.Laura Osborn, Los Angeles

2.Jasper Burik, Los Angeles

3.Chuck Landers, Santa Ana

Honorable Mention:
    Julio Lopez,   Panorama City



Flatfoot Dancing -
Youth (12 & under)

1.Ivy King, Santa Monica

2.Sagan Scotti, Tujunga

3.Olive King, Santa Monica


Flatfoot Dancing -
Young Adult (13 - 30)

1.Kimberly Hedlin, Los Angeles

2.David Clymer, Los Angeles

Flatfoot Dancing - Adult (31 - 65)

1.Seth Oster, Ventura

2.Charletta Erb, Ojai

3.Brian Scotti, Tujunga

Flatfoot Dancing - Senior (66 & up)

1.Hap Palmer, Woodland Hills

2.Patricia Arnold, Torrance 

3.Miriam Cantor, Los Angeles

Oldest Musician

1.Anna Hoaglan (1932), Woodland Hills

Youngest Musician

1.Sawyer Dietrich (2014), Casa Grande, AZ
Beginning Fiddle

Mood Swings

Live Americana, Bluegrass, Folkloric, Old-Time Music; Jamming Areas, Handmade Crafts and Musical Instrument Vendors;  Living History Exhibitors, Performance Contests and Step Dance Competitions and Workshops for all ages; Instrument Petting Zoo for Kids, Food Trucks.


Kids 9 and under are free!

The Topanga Banjo•Fiddle Contest and Folk Festival is at the Paramount Ranch



2903 Cornell Road

Agoura Hills, CA 91301



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