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Contests 9:00 am 

The Hollow Trees - 12:00 pm

Martha Spencer Stepdance Workshop & Square Dance - 1:00 pm

Step Dance Competition with Hendrick's Run - 2:00 pm

Hillary Klug - 2:45 pm

Contra Dance w/Anvil Sky - 3:30 pm

Waltzing w/Werner and White - 4:45 pm

The Grand Ole Country Bunker Stage

Old Jitters - 10:45 am

Smoke Holler - 11:45 am

Sequoia Rose  - 12:45 pm

Ikes Creek -   1:45 pm

The Cody Sisters - 2:45 pm


Music Box Micro Stage

9:30 am Matt Axton @mattaxtonmusic           

10:00 am Campbell Antrim @stobology 

10:25 am Enrique Cesar @enriquecesarfolk

10:50 am Nick Justice @nickjusticemusic

11:25 am Cindy Kalmenson @cindykalmenson 

11:45 am Tim O’Gara @timogaramusic
12:55 pm Tommy Drinkard @tommydrinkard_

1:25 pm Water Tower @watertowerband

2:00 pm El Duelo @el.duelo

2:35 pm Dead Rock West @deadrockwest

2:55 pm Parker Ainsworth @parkerainsworth

3:10 pm TheTomiTomSho @thetomitomsho

3:45 pm Brother Billy & Hopeless Choir #forktonguerecords

4:20 pm Howler Honey @howlerhoney

4:45 pm Milo Gonzalez @milogonzalez123 

(times are approximate.....we start at 9:30 am and end by 6pm)



Fiddle Class: Learn The Tunes with Natalie Brejcha. 

10.30 am at the Eucalyptus Grove/California Bluegrass Association Bring your fiddle, voice or chord instrument to learn the melodies, lyrics and chords for the following iconic Old-Time Fiddle tunes in A & D: Cindy, Sally Goodin, Cluck Old Hen, Angeline the Baker and Goodbye Liza Jane.  Let’s see how many we can learn, and head over to the Fiddle Jam afterwards!


Fiddle Class: Jam the Tunes with Molly White.

12.00/noon at Eucalyptus Grove/California Bluegrass Association 

Bring your fiddle, voice or chord instrument to jam on the following Old-Time fiddle tunes: Cindy, Sally Goodin, Cluck Old Hen, Angeline the Baker, Goodbye Liza Jane, and others in A & D.


The Songs of Hank Williams presented by Cowboy Dave and his Ruminators 

12.00/noon at TBFC Jam Area

A Hank Williams tribute on his Centennial (sing along) with Cowboy Dave Volk and his Ruminators, featuring an all-star cast of TBFC fiddlers. A period correct band with fiddle and steel guitar, just as country music sounded in the 1940s.  Luke the Drifter may reappear. There was no automatic tuning then, so you have to stay on pitch! 


Slow(ish) Irish Session led by Steve O’Loughlin and the Praties. 

1 pm at Celtic Jam Area

Steve and his band will lead you through sets of common session tunes at a gentle pace. And he is known for pulling out a few songs as well. Perfect if you learned a few Irish tunes like Over the Ocean, Banish Misfortune, Drowsy Maggie, but are too intimidated by the pub session scene. 


Nothing over 80 BPM - Jam on Bluegrass Classics at a relaxed pace with DJ Reed

1 pm at Southwest Bluegrass Association  Jam Area

 DJ Reed and his band will lead classic songs and fiddle tunes at a more relaxed pace. There will be a flip chart with chords.


Hank Williams Guitar Style  with Joe Lima

2 pm at TBFC Jam Area

Learn some of Hank's iconic songs in honor of his Centennial. Bring your guitars for this hands-on workshop and learn some of Hank Williams' most popular songs, such as "Jambalaya," "Your Cheatin' Heart," and "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry." Pay tribute to one of the greatest artists in country music history. Joe Lima will show the basic chords that work for accompanying the songs, all in first position and suitable for novice players.  

Bluegrass Harmony Singing with Kenny Feinstein

4 pm at the Eucalyptus Grove/California Bluegrass Association 

Let's learn how to sing together in harmony! We will take bluegrass classics and learn duo and trio harmony to spice things up. 


Performers A-Z

Campbell Antrim - 10:00 am (Music Box Micro Stage) 

Performers A-Z

Parker Ainsworth - 2:55 pm (Music Box Micro Stage)

Anvil Sky - 3:30 pm (Railroad Station)

Matt Axton - 9:30 am Music Box Micro Stage, 3:45 pm (The Grand Ole Country Bunker Stage)

times are approximate

Victoria Bailey - 2:30 pm (Tiny Porch Stage)

Brother Billy and the Hopeless Choir - 3:45 pm (Music Box Micro Stage) 

The Brothers Comatose - 6:00 pm (Main Stage)

Enrique Cesar - 10:25 am (Music Box Micro Stage)

Maria Chingona - 4:40 pm (Main Stage)

The Cody Sisters - 2:45 pm (The Grand Ole Country Bunker Stage)

Dead Rock West - 2:35 pm (Music Box Micro Stage)

Dirty Laundry - 1:10 pm (Main Stage)

Tommy Drinkard - 12:55 pm (Music Box Micro Stage)

El Duelo- 2:00 pm (Music Box Micro Stage) (IG @el.duelo)

Milo Gonzalez - 4:45 pm (Music Box Micro Stage)

Hendricks Run (Square Dance) - 2:00 pm (Railroad Station)

Hot Buttered Rum - 3:30 pm (Main Stage)

Howler Honey - 4:20 pm (Music Box Micro Stage)

Nick Justice - 10:50 am (Music Box Micro Stage)

Hillary Klug - 2:45 pm (Railroad Station)

Ikes Creek - 1:45 pm (The Grand Ole Country Bunker Stage)

The Legends of Topanga - 12:30 pm (Tiny Porch Stage)

The Lowest Pair - 12:00 pm (Main Stage)

Rosy Nolan - 4:45 pm (The Grand Ole Country Bunker Stage)

Tom O'Gara - 11:15 am (Music Box Micro Stage)

Old Jitters - 10:45 am (The Grand Ole Country Bunker Stage)

Abby Posner - all day (Main Stage)

Gilbert Louie Ray - 1:30 pm (Tiny Porch Stage)

Roses Pawn Shop - 3:30 pm (Tiny Porch Stage)

Sequoia Rose - 12:45 pm (The Grand Ole Country Bunker Stage)

Smoke Holler - 11:45 am (The Grand Ole Country Bunker Stage)

Martha Spencer - 1:00 pm (Railroad Station), 2:20 pm (Main Stage)

The TomiTom Sho - 3:10 pm (Music Box Micro Stage) (IG @thetomitomsho) 

Water Tower- 1:25 pm (Music Box Micro Stage) throughout the day (Main Stage) (IG @watertowerband) 

Werner, White & Friends - 4:45 pm (Railroad Station)

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