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Dance Stage

Singing Contests • 9:00 am 

Hillary Klug Workshop   12:00 pm

Step Dance Competition with Hendricks Run  1:00 pm

Grupo Bella Ballet Folklorico Workshop 2:00 pm

Contra Dance with Anvil Sky and caller Jeremy Korr   3:15 pm

The Crooked Jades Square Dance with caller Jeremy Korr  4:45 pm

check out the nearby:

Instrument Petting Zoo  

The Children's Craft Table


Music Box Micro Stage

Brother Billy  9:00 am
Old Jitters  9:30 am

Cindy Kalmenson 10:40 am
Howler Honey  11:15 am
Guitarras Hermanos 11:50 am
Chloe Kat 12:25 pm
Milo Gonzalez 1:00 pm

Tim O'Gara  1:20 pm
Matt Axton 1:55 pm
Darden 2:30 pm
Rah Rah Rabbit  3:20 pm
Matt Michienzie 4:10 pm
Campbell Antrim 4:45 pm

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Family Stage

Kids Fiddle Class and Beginner Jam   11:00 am
Peter Alsop  12:00 pm
The Hollow Trees  12:40 pm
The ABC's of Jug Band Music  1:40 pm
Happy Campers  3:30 pm
SMMUSD Folklorico  4:20


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AJ Lee & Blue SummitWorking Together as a Band:

3:00 pm CBA (California Bluegrass Association) area.

Focus on being in a band, creating arrangements together and performing live. 

Q&A included.

Banjo Workshop with Tommy Drinkard (Water Tower, The Remedy)  

4:00 pm CBA (California Bluegrass Association) area.

Beginning Bluegrass Jam Class - with John David & Paul Marshall

10:30am - 12:30 pm SWBA (South West Bluegrass Association) area

Wernick Method Bluegrass Jam Class 

Crash course!  All bluegrass instruments. All levels. Novices welcome! Only requirement is change smoothly between 4 chords. G, D, C, A. (notes for bass and fiddle)

You will be jamming right away!  

More info:

Bluegrass Jam at Less Than Breakneck Speed with DJ Reed & Ron Vance

2.00-3.00 at SWBA

Jam on Bluegrass Classics at a relaxed pace

 DJ Reed and his band will lead classic songs and fiddle tunes at a more relaxed pace. There will be a flip chart with chords.

Cowboy and Western Songs with David Volk and Joe Lima

1:30 - 2:30 TBFC Workshop area

Dance Workshop with Hillary Klug

12:00 pm Dance Stage

Dance Workshop with Grupo Bella

2:00 pm, Dance Stage

Fiddle Workshop: It's all about the Bow - with Shelah Spiegel & Tim O'Brien

12.30-1.30 TBFC Workshop area

Without the bow, the fiddle is nothing but a box of wood. It’s what you do with the
bow that makes the sounds, styles, techniques, flavor, and feeling. Learn the key tools to help you sound good (so that others want to play with you!): What to play (and not) in a bluegrass jam, using the bow, and the fundamentals of backup (you can't always be the star): long bows, "chunks", fills. Shelah Spiegel is a fiddle champ, former TBFC judge  and runs a jam in Orange County. 

Kids Fiddle Class and Beginner Jam with Molly White and Natalie Brejcha

11:00 am Family Stage

Performers A-Z

Performers A-Z

times are approximate

Campbell Antrim - 4:45 pm  (Music Box Micro Stage) 

The ABC's of Jug Band Music  1:40 pm  (Family Stage)

Anvil Sky  3:15 pm (Dance Stage)

Peter Alsop 12:00 pm Family Stage

Matt Axton  1:55 pm Music Box Micro Stage, 

JB Barton  1:30 pm (Tiny Porch Stage)

Natalie Brejcha, Workshop: Kids Fiddle Class and Beginner Jam  11:00am (Family Stage)

Brother Billy  9:00 am (Music Box Micro Stage) 

The Crooked Jades  3:00 pm (Tiny Porch Stage), 4:45 pm (Dance Stage)

Darden 2:30 pm (Music Box Micro Stage)

John David, Workshop: BeginningJam, 10:30-12:00 SWBA area

Tommy Drinkard  Banjo Workshop 4:00 pm (CBA area) 

Chumash Elder, Dennis Garcia 12:30 pm (Main Stage)

Milo Gonzalez  1:00 pm (Music Box Micro Stage)

Guitars Hermanos 11:50 am  (Music Box Micro Stage) 

Grupo Bella 2:00 pm (Dance Stage), 3:20 pm (Main Stage)

Happy Campers - 3:30 pm (Family Stage)

Hendricks Run  1:00 pm (Dance Stage)

The Hollow Trees - 12:40 pm (Family Stage)

Howler Honey 11:15 am  (Music Box Micro Stage)

Cindy Kalmenson  10:40 am (Music Box Micro Stage)

Cloe Kat - 12:25 pm (Music Box Micro Stage)

Kids Fiddle Class and Beginner Jam 11:00am (Family Stage)

Hillary Klug  12:00 pm (Dance Stage), 2:00 pm (Main Stage)

Jeremy Korr 3:15 pm, 4:45 pm (dance Stage)

AJ Lee & Blue Summit, Workshop: 3:00pm (CBA area), 6:00 pm (Main Stage)

Joe Lima, Workshop: Cowboy and Western Songs. 1.30-2.30 at TBFC workshop area 

Paul Marshall, Workshop: Beginning Jam, 10:30-12:00 SWBA area

Matt Michienzie  12:30 pm (Tiny Porch Stage), 4:10 (Music Box Micro Stage)

Tim O'Brien, Fiddle Workshop, 12.30-1.30 pm at TBFC workshop area

Tim O'Gara  1:20 pm  (Music Box Micro Stage)

Old Jitters 10:05 am (Music Box Micro Stage)

The Packrats  2:30 pm (Tiny Porch Stage)

Rah Rah Rabbit  3:20 pm (Music Box Micro Stage)

DJ Reed, Workshop: Bluegrass Jam at Less Than Breakneck Speed, 2:00-3:00 at SWBA area

SMMUSD Folklorico  4:20 (Family Stage)

Shelah Spiegel, Workshop: Fiddle, 12.30-1.30 pm at TBFC workshop area

Ron Vance, Workshop: Bluegrass Jam at Less Than Breakneck Speed, 2:00-3:00 at SWBA area

David Volk, Workshop: Cowboy and Western Songs. 1.30-2.30 at TBFC workshop area 

Water Tower- 1:00 pm (Main Stage), 2:00 pm with Hillary Klug (Main Stage) (IG @watertowerband) 

The Way Down Wanderers 4:40 pm (Main Stage)

Molly White, Workshop Kids Fiddle Class and Beginner Jam  11:00am (Family Stage)

Will Worden 10:05 (Music Box Micro Stage)

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