TBFC Gimme Shelter (in place) 

Virtual Contest

1. The videos must be recorded during this Covid-19 quarantine. Videos recorded before the Covid-19 quarantine will not be allowed.  


2. The video does not have to be fancy.  We are judging your performance, and not filmmaking capability. We prefer that the video be shot indoors or in the patio of your home. The camera or smartphone should be held steady with clear audio and, as much as possible, free of background noise. 


3. If you would like, dress creatively to reflect the times. You can use pajamas, hats, hazmat suits, etc.


4. For Bands who are not cohabiting, please use physical distancing. You can use Acapella, ZOOM, or similar applications. (for reference, check out The Rolling Stones performance on One World, Together at Home: https://youtu.be/N7pZgQepXfA)


5. Content/Repertoire: We want this to be fun, but as much as possible, please follow the guidelines of our original contests: Music:Songwriting:Dance:

6. Length of Video:You may use up to 1 min of time at the beginning of your video to introduce yourself, your song, the backup instruments, band members and perhaps why this Topanga Virtual Contest is important to you. 


•Bands: please perform a 3-minute instrumental number, followed by a 3-minute singing number. If it's at all possible, both performances should be on the same YouTube video with one link. (it's easier for the judges to view it this way.)

•Instrument and Singing: please have no more than 3 minutes of music.


•Step Dance Competition: You may use up to 1 min of time at the beginning of your video to introduce yourself, the song you are dancing, the backup instruments and perhaps why this Topanga Virtual Contest is important to you.  Your dance performance should be no longer than 1 minute in length. 



7. Once completed, please upload your performance video to YouTube and paste the link into your TBFC Contest registration form. (Please disable public comments and voting on YouTube.)


8. Winners will be announced as soon as the categories are filled up and the judges submit the score the performances. We predict that the announcement will be made in the late July.


9. The winners will be posted on our website, TBFC YouTube channel, and social media.  The judges’ scores and comments will be sent to each performer by email.


10. There is no contest registration fee, but please consider making a Donation to help offset the costs of holding this contest.


11. If you have a question, please email us at: registrar@topangabanjofiddle.org

Live Americana, Bluegrass, Folkloric, Old-Time Music; Jamming Areas, Handmade Crafts and Musical Instrument Vendors;  Living History Exhibitors, Performance Contests and Step Dance Competitions and Workshops for all ages; Instrument Petting Zoo for Kids, Food Trucks.


Kids 9 and under are free!

The Topanga Banjo•Fiddle Contest and Folk Festival is at the Paramount Ranch



2903 Cornell Road

Agoura Hills, CA 91301



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