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Gimme Shelter (in place)


Cotton Picking Kids

The Carl Gage Songwriting Contest unplugged

and The Emerging Songwriter Award


Piper Madison, Toluca Lake, CA,

"The Other Way Around" 

Abby Posner, "Blind Spots"

The Topanga Contest Spirit Award:

Mary Zangerie, "The Church and the Station" Moorpark, CA

Piper Madison, "The Other Way Around"

Honorable Mentions for Songwriting:

(in alphabetical order)

Mary Zangerie, "The Church and the Station"

• The Carl Gage Songwriter Contest Winner:

Abby Poster, Culver City, CA  

"Blind Spots"

Abby Posner, "Blind Spots"

• The Taj Mahal Emerging Songwriter Award:

Piper Madison, Toluca Lake, CA

"The Other Way Around"

Jeff McLeod, 1st Place Traditional Banjo

Bill Dempsey, 1st place Intermediate Traditional Banjo

Luke Lindblom, 1st Place, Advanced Bluegrass Banjo

Tommy Drinkard, 1st Place Intermediate Bluegrass Banjo

Logan Thatcher, 1st Place, Beginner Bluegrass Banjo

Joyce Pan, 1st Place, Advanced Fiddle

Jessie Morgan, 1st Place, Intermediate Fiddle

Miranda Witsken, 1st Place, Beginning Fiddler

Christian Tomita, 1st Place Advanced Mandolin

Allegra Frost, 1st Place, Intermediate Mandolin

Matthew Wong, 1st Place, Beginner Mandolin

Bob Hamilton, Advanced FlatPick Guitar

Libby Lindblom, 1st Place, Intermediate FlatPick Guitar

Linus Lindblom, 1st Place, Beginning FlatPick Guitar

Ryan Chen, 1st Place, Advanced Finger Style Guitar

Mark Humphrey, 1st Place, Intermediate Finger Style Guitar

Michael Gutperle, 1st Place, Beginning Finger Style Guitar

Tim Holtwich, 1st Place, Advance Other Instruments

Mark Humphrey, 1st Place, Intermediate Other Instruments

Anna Kroskrity, 1st Place, Beginning Other Instruments

Luke Lindblom, 1st Place, Advanced Dobro

Marlow Teichman, 1st Place, Advanced Ukulele

Doug Newman, 1st Place, Intermediate Ukulele

Noah Whitman, 1st Place, Beginning Ukulele

Seth Oster, 1st Place, Advanced Backup Instrument

Jessie Morgan, 1st Place, Singing (plugged)

Madison Fayre, 1st Place Singing (plugged)

Elizabeth Crawford, 1st Place, Youth Step Dance Competition

Becky Hill, 1st Place, Adult Step Dance Competition

Craig Schoenbaum, 1st Place, Senior Step Dance Competition.

All contestant videos can be viewed here.

Congratulations to all of the

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